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Do you work from home? How to prepare your space for video calls

Do you work from home?  How to prepare your space for video calls

My webcam is just an addition to home video calling by itself.

Although COVID has you at home or the yoke allows you to work outside the office, here are some helpful tips and tricks so you can make video calls or video chats with the confidence that you shine in your group

Don’t stand against the light

Any individual or object looks right in the right glow and you are no exception. Try to sit in a well-lit place that is not backlit (a back window, for example), to avoid your face being too dark and your colleagues, including your boss, not watching you.

Try to look at that window, so that the light illuminates your face and surroundings, showing a great climate more suitable precisely with the help of a window.

Use headphones and an external webcam (although it is prouauil)

Even though you have an external webcam, everything is much fairer. Most rooms will be placed on top of the monitor or placed on a tripod to decide to set it up and to avoid displaying the unmade bed or pile of unwashed dishes.

Headphones are, by the way, a great idea. In a nutshell, computer microphones are omnidirectional, so they pick up noise from anywhere, affecting the proximity of your children or dogs. With headphones, in addition to the fact that consultation information will not stop at more people, ) closer to your mouth so that your colleagues can hear you more accurately.

In playback: check this out: the best applications for making video calls


Make the video call in a well-lit place

This point moves hand in hand with the first, but the extra lighting can come from a lamp you have at home or from a properly positioned window. Although there are no blinds or lamps in the house to support you, try to open the windows next to the chancellery so that the natural light is your best ally

Silence is the key

This point is the most special, most selected on pre-isolation occasions the experience experienced with COVID- I have two dogs at home and one of them is a corgi breed, one of the ones that barks the biggest – and I’m not saying that, the science behind me communicates to stay. These curious dogs just bark because a fly has roared a mile away and the last thing I want in a consultation is a bark.

What I do is that even though your house or apartment is small, I leave the dogs out of the room during the sessions and thus prevent the barking from filtering. There are no children at home at the moment, but surely yours, dear reader, could be one or two small ones. Perhaps the best thing to do in these cases is for your partner or someone older to help you keep an eye on them during those minutes of the call. But although this is not prouauil, return to the point of the headphones to strive to make as little noise as possible prouauil filtered.

Find the computer microphone

Even if you don’t have a headset or an external camera with a built-in microphone, choose the microphone on your computer, but position it so that it is not heard any time you type, because the built-in microphones are usually hidden on your keyboard. Appropriately, knowing where your microphone is will support you to stand out very much and not feel very fair during the call.

Clean up your environment

Last but not least, clean your bathroom and the rest of the room. Nobody wants to see your breakfast plate during the call. Make sure that your environment, and especially yours, offers a unique spectrum and does not appear to be in a series marathon, even though it is.

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