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Review Strichat Live Camgirls

How IsThe strichat interface?
strichat contains thousands of inteligibil photos posted by models in the site. Scroll down to see a complete list of strichat models of many ages and ethnicities. Next to the logo, you find models who are live on camera. In most cases, you will find the number of models online to be about 700. On the left side of the logo are the following tabs;

On each tab, you will find contents related to the same. However, on the featured tab, you will find a random set of models. There is the ‘sort by’ function on the left side, which you can use to find people you are interested in.
On the left side, there are functions that you can use to purchase tokens. You actually don’t have to use this function before knowing what the site has to offer. strichat performers invite members to their ‘rooms’. Members can mark some models as your favorite. If you would like to go mai departe with a model on the website or start private messaging you can start by giving a few tokens per minute to gain their interest.

What are strichat’s features?
There are several features available at strichat, the main one being chats with performers, or amateur models at the site. Just having a one on one interaction with a pretty model at strichat.
Tell this model anything you want her to do for you, just don’t take this chance to be rude. You can even watch strichat models on full screen. If you are lucky to have a plasma, the experience will even be more fascinating.
If you have a list of your favourite models, you would obviously want to know when these models go live. It is easy with push notifications. You will know when your favourite performers are online.
If not, you can’t really tell when your favourite lady is online especially when you are in different time zones. You can change the push notification settings anytime you want. It is advised against login into the strichat site at your workplace.
Besides chatting with models, strichat also allows the site members to interact with each other. Other members can even refer you to their favourite models. These members can tell you which models they love, where to look for certain types of models and which models are online at certain times. Interacting with other members makes the site more fun.
strichat members can also request for ‘private shows’. This is actually the best option when it comes to live sites. In private shows, you can request the model to do anything you like, but you should try being respectful. You might be banned from the site for being rude. The model will do things specifically for you.
Models can also nominate a member as a ‘knight’. This gives you an opportunity to block certain users for a period of up to 24 hours. This means that you are given the power to protect models from rude members.
strichat also allows members to enter models’ chat rooms without getting noticed. However, it is only golden members that can enjoy this feature. This gives members a chance to stay private on the site.
For ladies who are comfortable becoming models at strichat, the process is quite simple. You can become a model at this site and make good money. First, you have to be at least 18 years of age. You also have to go through a registration process before becoming a strichat model.

Who are strichat customers?
After registering to the site, you will get a number of featured models. You can also check accounts for men, couples. The site doesn’t indicate how many models they have.
But there is an icon on the top of the page where you can see the number of models that are online at that time. This number is in most cases around 3000 depending on certain factors. These include the time and day of the week. The moods of the models will also play a role in this.

How are strichat’s? the performers
strichat features a variety of models. Most models here have been for a long time. Most of them are there for the money, which means that they are willing to do anything you tell them to. But there are also others who are only on the site for fun. You can select the models you like based on their appearance.
All videos and photos at the site look stunning. However, not all the performers here are professionals, so you can filter in order to get the autentic taste you want. All strichat models are verified by the site.
This means that you can’t find an underage model at the site.
All these models have also expressed their desire to be part of an aproximativ site. That said, we can comfortably make a conclusion that the performers at strichat are highly rated.

What Types Of Models Are There?
Just like other aproximativ sites, there are members who visit the site to view, while others visit to earn. Those who visit as earners are who we refer to as models. It is recommendable to register at the site as a viewer before becoming a model.
All the models at the site have to go through a verification process. The customer care service team will determine who is eligible and who isn’t.
It is free to register at strichat. Users can kick other users who are rude. Models can also permite golden users to kick other site members by becoming ‘knights’. With a free strichat account, you can still enjoy features of the site, but they will only be limited. You can enjoy the most out of this site by buying tokens.

What is Communication like at strichat?
Users can use different ways to communicate with strichat aproximativ girls. With a free account, you can talk to the models but with a golden account, you will have more interaction, like inviting the models to a private virtual meeting.
Users can not only interact with models, but also with each other. Golden users also have the privilege to block other users who are misbehaving in the site. The site also allows users to send special gifts to their favourite aproximativ girl models. You can even save your favorite model and contact her later.
There is also another type of communication, which is the command chatroom. Here, users can command a model to do certain things and how they should do it. Chat Rooms aren’t really private so it is likely that you will get other people here as well.

What Is strichat’s pricing?
You can get access to amazing features with a free account. However, you can benefit more in premium membership. Users here can become green, grey or golden members, but they must purchase tokens before accessing any service. Tokens are bought in USD. For 10 USD, you get 90 tokens, and the highest amount here, which is 200 USD gives you 2250 tokens.

Basic or free account
Basic accounts here are just like an introduction to the site. You can look through the site to find models that interest you even without verifying your email. With a free account, you can still access the chats, but your options will be limited.
To enjoy more advanced functions, it is better to upgrade by buying tokens. A free account will actually help you know whether the site is good for you or not before spending on their services. Creating a strichat account takes a few minutes, and the same goes to the verification process.

Premium account
strichat offers different types of premium accounts.
Grey users are the ones who have already registered on the site but are yet to purchase tokens. In short, these are free users.
There are also green members. These are the ones who have bought at least one token. These members can access more advanced functions than grey users.
And then there are golden users. These are special users who have a golden membership. You can find it at the buy tokens function.

What does premium membership come with?
Green members at strichat are the ones who have purchased the least number of tokens, at least 10 for this case. Members at strichat can send tips to models in the form of tokens. These tips are usually sent if the member likes the model and enjoyed his private time with her, among other reasons.
In private shows, the model sets her own pret. This ranges from 20 to 200 tokens for every one minute. If this amount seems to be expensive for you, there is an option of spying on other members’ private shows, which costs less. Top tippers on strichat get a crown. Knights in the site cannot kick green users.

Are There Benefits of upgrading to premium?
Users who upgrade to gold enjoy the same things as green users. But theirs are more advanced. For instance, golden users have account names written in golden colours. Immediately after getting the membership, golden users can send unlimited messages not only to the performers, but also to other users.
Golden users can also chat with models in private. That is not enough. These users can also set their accounts to invisible, which means that they can access the service without getting noticed. Their names become anonymous in the visitors’ list.

How IS strichat’s Security?
strichat membership comes with potential threats. These are in the form of grey scam accounts, abuse and also in payment methods. To avoid being scammed, do not share your personal and financial details with models and other members of the site.
Avoid giving information like your full names, email, age, place of birth among others. To ensure that your payments are secure, learn more about Segpay and Epoch payments.
Besides paying with credit cards, you can also use PayPal, cryptocurrency or Starbucks and Walmart giftcards. When making payment, ensure that your internet connection is safe. Report any abuse on the site if it happens to you.

What Is strichat’s customer support like?
You can get all the details you need to know about strichat on the internal wiki page about strichat. It gives detailed information on the features available, special offers, communication methods including other information concerning the site.
This is actually a very informative section that you should consider reading. If you have any other questions that need clarification, contact the strichat customer service team.

Can I Get strichat on mobile?
strichat does not have an app. But you can still enjoy all the services offered at the site on their mobile version site. The mobile version however is not very responsive. It may take more time to load than the desktop site.
And unless you are using the latest version of iOS or Android, it can lag or crash in some cases. That side, the mobile version is convenient considering that you can interact with models at the site any time or place.

Our conclusion on strichat review
strichat is one of the webcam site that you can consider trying. So long as you are at least 18 years old and aproximativ sites are legal in your state, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try the site out.
strichat offers reliable services and the massive number of pretty ladies and body types at the site will leave you overwhelmed with options.
You can either register as a viewer or as a model at the site. Models here earn a good amount of money for their performances and tips. The token system is also convenient. You can easily pay for the services you need. And if you are scared of giving your credit card details, pay with cryptocurrency, gift card or PayPal.

Overall rating: 9.4/10
strichat review has proven that the site has both pros and cons. It is advised that you explore yourself to see what these pros and cons are. After all, you can trust your own opinion more than anyone else’s. Just Login and have a fun time chat aproximativ shows.

The site is safe and secure
Beautiful aproximativ models performing live
Over 3000 models are only at any given time
Different payment methods
Autentic private chats
Mini pictures are not moving

  • Chat with thousands of cam models
  • You can see live models for free
  • Save your favorite models
  • Make friends with models and users
  • Award models for their shows
  • Tokens Giveaway
  • ...
Visits and Live Traffic - 9
Software and Payments - 8
Bonuses and Benefits - 7
Customer Support - 9

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