Home » The Camgirls platform uses blockchain to ensure anonymity in payments

The Camgirls platform uses blockchain to ensure anonymity in payments

The Camgirls platform uses blockchain to ensure anonymity in payments

The term blockchain has been associated with cryptocurrencies, but in reality this technology serves to decentralize operations as a security measure, creating a global index of transactions in a particular market. And one market that has already begun to add blockchain is websites.

Until then, these various sites have worked in the same way: the girl registers and, once approved, provides her details so that a form of payment can be registered. The money earned for each show is paid by the site visitor, who sends a percentage to the through virtual transactions, which are credited to PayPal systems, for example, or transfers to international credit cards.

With blockchain and accepting virtual currency payments, camgirls platforms operated taking advantage of the security, privacy and anonymity offered. In addition, the models receive payments faster, without having to wait for the time required to calculate transactions using other systems. Traditionally, there are camgirls that take between and weeks to get paid.

One website that has already started using blockchain to operate is Live Stars, which has already replaced payments using internal chip systems. These chips can be paid using Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is a credit for the site user to spend as much, for as long and as they want and request a refund if they wish. The visitor also makes payments anonymously, without having to use his or her nominal credit card.

However, with the blockchain, the model no longer has to provide its personal data to receive the money, because the payment in cryptocurrencies is anonymous, despite the keeping of small records. All you have to do is present your ID on the website running the camgirls platform so that they can prove their date of birth, making sure they are of legal age. Because technology eliminates the need for intermediaries, Live Stars is able to transmit a higher percentage to rooms, which is 70%. There are traditional CamSites that exceed just 20% for each model. Therefore, the blockchain applied to the camgirls universe becomes benefic for everyone: visitors, platform and models.

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